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Born and raised on the Mediterranean and Caribbean shores, the founders of Natural Chicken Grill met in the young and beautiful City of Miami Beach in the early 1990’s. Said, an architect and city planner, who grew up in a family of physicians, owned and operated several hotels on South Beach.

Cesar, a developer, had just sold several grilled chicken restaurants that he owned and operated. Both being avid sportsmen, were on a quest to find the perfect balance between health, nutrition and good taste. After numerous experiments and various recipes from the old country, the perfect ingredients were assembled. Hence, the Natural Chicken Grill was born in the early 1990’s.


To provide the finest quality, home cooked, all-natural food at value prices, making every customer a regular guest.


Natural Chicken Grill is part of the quick-service restaurant industry. Our target market includes all segments of the population, with a focus on the young to mid-aged students, professionals, and the health conscious.

Our primary product is the Natural Chop and varieties of chopped chicken over veggies or rice served with delicious home made sauces. The ingredients are delivered fresh daily and hand prepared in our kitchens. Nothing is frozen or fried. The chicken is slowly grilled in front of the customer, tantalizing all the senses with the smell, texture and mouth watering taste of our unique marinade.

A variety of sauces (sweet, tangy, or spicy) that are prepared hourly in our kitchen adds to the juicy tender grilled chicken. All is delivered by a friendly customer oriented staff.

Whether it’s the professional on the run, mom taking a break from cooking, or the health conscious athlete, the customer is provided with a healthy slow cooked meal they would expect from a sit-in restaurant, served quick and value priced.